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Reach Truck

Cat Stand-on Reach Truck NRS25CA







  • Lift Capacity (kg): 2500
  • Lift Height (mm): 7000
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Inside

The Cat NRS25CA stand-on reach truck is built to cope with demanding warehouse applications. These high performance reach trucks provide energy efficiency and greater power through a 48V motor, and contain an extensive range of standard features which deliver outstanding productivity and performance. They offer a wider chassis for extra stability with a lift capacity up to 2.5 tonnes, which are ideally suited for more demanding and heavy duty lifting applications.

  • Energy efficient
  • Choice of eight driving modes
  • Mast soft landing feature protects loads
  • Mast and travel interlock safety system
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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort
Comfortable Cabin

The cabin compartment has been ergonomically designed for the operator to maintain optimal posture and maximise comfort. Adjustable waist pads and knee pads are installed to reduce impact stress related injuries and a large brake pedal creates further comfort and enhances usage.

Valuable Information

The vacuum fluorescent screen in the compartment provides the operator with quick and accurate information on the reach trucks status including travelling speeds, battery status and hours worked.

Productivity & Performance
Advanced AC Motors

The intelligent and advanced AC motors provide smooth and efficient power to the traction and hydraulic motors. This boosts performance by delivering powerful acceleration to the reach truck even up slopes.

Energy Efficient

The advanced AC energy regenerative system effectively pours power back into the battery during braking, plugging and deceleration activities. This smart function increases productivity and performance by maximising energy usage and increasing shift life.

Optimal Stability

The Cat reach trucks low centre of gravity effectively increases the stability of the truck without degrading lifting capacity at higher heights. This low centre of gravity combined with a smart suspension system also enhances stability during turning movements.

Interlock System

The reach truck includes an advanced mast and travel interlock system which automatically disengages the hydraulic lift and transmission power. The truck contains a floating floor plate with floor switch which initiates the system when the operator leaves the operating position.

Lower Cost
Soft Landing Mast

The reach trucks mast effectively reduces any potential damage to loads by slowing the speed of the forks when they get close to the ground. This creates a soft landing and absorbs any potential shock to the load.

Automatic Shutdown

When the reach truck is idling for 15 minutes the system automatically shuts it down to conserve valuable battery power. This intelligent system prevents wasteful usage and helps to reduce energy costs.

Servicing & Maintenance

The reach trucks on board system is capable of running self-diagnosis which helps to identify possible malfunctions. This function allows these errors to be located and rectified quite quickly by the operator ensuring optimal uptime.

Quick Access

Quick and easy access to the reach trucks critical components, such as battery, controller and motors, effectively reduces servicing and maintenance time.