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Double Reach Trucks

Cat Pantograph Double Deep Reach Truck NR23







  • Lift Capacity (kg): 2040
  • Lift Height (mm): 11400
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Inside

The Cat NR23 Pantograph reach truck redefines efficiency by providing industry benchmarks for lift speeds and high capacity retention even at higher lift heights. Built with advanced AC technology and innovative features they provide unparalleled efficiency and optimal uptime. This lift truck offers a single reach mast and a maximum lift capacity up to 2.04 tonnes, making them suited to a wide range of warehouse applications.

  • Spacious operator cabin
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Industry leading lift speeds
  • Excellent visibility
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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort
Ergonomically Designed Cabin

The spacious cabin has been designed with smart features to increase overall comfort and convenience for the operator. A cushioned floor mat and soft rubber knee, back and arm cushions provide optimal levels of comfort and help to reduce fatigue.

Comfortable Controls

The multifunctional control joystick allows for regulation of multiple truck functions easily and comfortably with the right hand, whilst the compact and ergonomically positioned steering wheel offers precise and relaxed handling with the left hand.

Productivity & Performance
Fast Lifting Speeds

The Cat Pantograph reach truck offers the fastest lift speeds in the industry of up to 830mm a second. This boosts productivity by creating faster pickup and placement of loads.

Advanced AC Motors

The intelligent and advanced AC motors deliver higher performance levels while consuming less energy. They provide smooth and efficient power to the reach trucks motors delivering powerful acceleration even up slopes.

Automatic Safety Features

The reach truck includes both an automatic speed reduction and automatic parking break. Both features provide additional control and boost safety during operation.

Excellent Visibility

The reach trucks smart design including standard dual leg overhead guard with strategically angled overhead guard bars, wide channel spacing and stacked hydraulic hosing, provides excellent visibility to the operator. This helps to increase confidence and safety when lifting and positioning loads.

Lower Cost
Advanced Regenerative

braking The advanced AC energy regenerative braking system effectively returns kinetic energy back into the battery during braking, deceleration and reversing. This maximises energy consumption and shift life whilst lowering running costs.

Sealed Components

The sealed chassis and waterproof electrical components ensures the reach truck is resistant to moisture, dirt and corrosion. This effectively increases durability and minimises maintenance costs.

Service & Maintenance
Easy Accessibility

The easy access to the reach trucks critical components provides faster fault diagnosis and maintenance and helps to reduce costly downtime.


The reach trucks digital display can easily provide self-diagnosis and inform the operator to real time error codes, allowing service and maintenance to be carried out quickly.