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Cat Order Picker NOH10N







  • Lift Capacity (kg): 1000
  • Lift Height (mm): 8100
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Inside

Cat NOH10N order picker is designed for high level reaching and preparation of orders on higher pallet racking configurations in warehouses. They provide optimal levels of productivity and efficiency through their advanced technology, ergonomic controls and spacious cabin. With a lift height up to 8.1 metres and a lift capacity of 1 tonne they provide an essential role in busy warehouse environments.

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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort
Split Control Access

The redesigned ergonomic joystick includes an inductive hand detector for safer and efficient operation within aisles. The split control access also provides good pallet access and effectively eliminates accidental movement of the controls when leaning outside the order picker cabin.

Anti-Slip Floor Mats

The large anti-slip floor mat provides essential grip and support for the operator. This grounds the operator and effectively decreases the likelihood of slipping creating a more comfort work environment.

Productivity & Performance
Efficient AC Motors

The order pickers advanced AC motors deliver smooth and controlled power to both the traction and hydraulics motors. This provides outstanding acceleration and precise movements increasing efficiency and productivity.

PoweRamic® Mast

The order picker is equipped with Cat’s patented PoweRamic® mast which includes an active mast dampening system. This works by thoroughly reducing the forward and backward sway when braking or accelerating at heights. This creates more user confidence and boosts productivity in the workplace.

Fold Down Gates

The order picker’s fold down gates provide extra safety and confidence to the operator when working at heights. These lightweight gates effectively secure the operator within the cabin even when order picking and reaching across pallet racking.

Dead Man Switch

The order picker’s floor mat serves another safety function with the incorporation of a dead man switch under the mat. When the operator steps off the mat the system automatically prevents operation of the order picker boosting safety.

Lower Cost
Programmable Features

The order picker’s programmable AC power and an extensive range of optional features, allow the lift truck to be customised to the operator’s requirements. This increases both efficiency and performance and also helps drive down operating costs.

Long Service Intervals

Due to durable and reliable tested components and AC technology, the service intervals have been extended on the Cat high level order pickers. This result is less time being spent on servicing and maintenance which helps to reduce operational and lifetime costs.

Servicing & Maintenance
Easy Service Access

The order picker panels and covers can be easily opened for quick service access to all major components. Access to the batteries for exchanging is also made quick and easy.

Quick Diagnostics

The order pickers on board system is capable of running self-diagnosis which helps to identify possible malfunctions and issues. This built in function allows errors to be located and rectified quite quickly by the operator ensuring optimal uptime.