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Next Gen Cat® Electric Forklifts

Whatever the application, this Next Generation Cat® electric forklift will boost productivity while driving down costs in any business.

Clean, quiet, energy efficient.

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Large Interactive Display

A large interactive colour display provides all the vital information in one easy-to-read screen. Operators can quickly customise settings to suit their own ability and preferred operating style.

Advanced Pitching Control

The Pitching Control is another innovative standard feature ideal for carrying sensitive loads. When travelling over humps or uneven ground, the pitching control absorbs vibration and reduces mast shaking, helping to protect the load.

All-Directional Visibility

A spacious cabin with suspension seating, an ergonomic dash layout and excellent all-directional visibility makes lifting and driving stress-free for the operator. 

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    Available from 1.0 - 3.5 tonne, this versatile forklift covers everything from light and medium warehouse duties to operating in harsh environments.

Whatever the application, the energy-efficient EP-CB Series has been designed with productivity and safety in mind. With all the latest features you would expect in modern forklifts, to the brand new, productivity-boosting innovations that will speed up your workflow.

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Cat® Electric Forklift Features

  • Excellent all-directional visibility
  • A large interactive colour display
  • IPX4 waterproofing
  • High output, maintenance-free AC motors
  • Hydraulic steering with synchroniser
  • Auto torque up
  • Advanced pitching control
  • Auto speed control / curve control
  • The travel hydraulic interlock
  • Energy-saving eco mode
  • Efficient regeneration technology
  • Lithium-ion battery options available
  • A variety of optional attachments
  • And much more.