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Counterbalanced Forklifts

Cat Diesel Forklift DP45N







  • Lift Capacity (kg): 4500
  • Lift Height (mm): 7000
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Power: Diesel
  • Workplace: Both

The Cat DP45N LPG forklift is built tough to handle the demands of heavy duty lifting applications. Boasting a tough six cylinder engine which comprises a pre combustion chamber allowing each cylinder to work at optimal peak performance regardless of load and speed. This contributes to the forklifts excellent fuel economy and lower emissions, noise and vibrations. This Cat forklift is ideal for heavy duty lifting in ports, freight, construction, metal and brick operations.

  • Low emission engines
  • Fuel effiicient
  • Easy maintenance
  • PDS safety system
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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort
Full Suspension Seat

The forklift includes an adjustable full suspension contoured seat with lumbar and forward and backward adjustment for maximum operator comfort.

Ergonomic Cabin

The spacious cabin provides a neat and obstructed environment with well-placed controls and advanced ergonomics which effectively reduces operator strain and fatigue.

Productivity & Performance
Hydrostatic Steering

Hydrostatic power steering makes manoeuvring the forklift light and easy by reducing operator effort and thereby enhancing productivity.

Durable Transmission

Cat forklifts effectively reduce noise and vibrations by the use of helical gears and a floating power train in the transmission. This helps isolate the engine and transmission from the forklift frame and operator compartment.

Lower Cost
LED Lights

Energy consumption and maintenance costs are effectively reduced by the incorporation of LED lights on the forklifts front lights and rear combination lights.

LCD digital display

The well placed LCD display screen monitors all critical systems during operation including the engine and vehicle diagnosis. This allows the forklift operator to keep informed on the lift trucks status, as well as helps to reduce maintenance costs and the risk of excessive downtime by allowing quick troubleshooting.

Fork and Neutral Gear Lock

When the forklifts ignition is switched off the forks are automatically locked in position even if the levers are bumped or moved. The forklift is also installed with a neutral safety lock which prevents the starting of the forklift if it has been left in gear.

Presence Detection System (PDS)

The Presence Detection System increases operator safety by preventing movement of the forklift and its hydraulics when the ignition is switched off or the handbrake is engaged. The operator must then complete a series of sequential steps to operate the forklift. Download the PDS instructions.

Servicing & maintenance
Longer Service Intervals – 500 Hours

Through quality parts and construction less time and money needs to be spent on preventative maintenance. This effectively reduces costs over the life of the forklift.

Easy Engine Accessibility

The smart design of the forklift hood allows the operator to access the engine without the need of specialised tools. This allows the operator to inspect the engine or specific components quickly and easily improving uptime and reducing maintenance.