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3-Wheel Electric Forklifts

Cat 3-Wheel Electric Forklift EP13TCB







  • Lift Capacity (kg): 1300
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 7.00
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both

The EP13TCB three wheel electric forklift is designed to operate in the most demanding environments. They offer great manoeuvrability and some tight turning circles and highly suited for narrow aisle warehousing configurations compared to the four wheel models. They also offer a quiet, clean and cool operation making them very environmentally friendly especially for indoor operations. The 3-wheel electric forklift is perfect for warehousing, cold storage, general manufacturing and logistics.

  • Clean, cool and quiet operation
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Excellent turning circle
  • PDS safety system
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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort
Comfortable Seat

The three wheel electric forklift comes standard with Cat’s ergonomic full suspension vinyl seat which offers exceptional comfort to the operator.

Dependable Forklift Brakes

The wet disc brake system on the electric forklift, which is both dust and water resistant, offers powerful and consistent braking for the operator in demanding situations.

Productivity & Performance
Advanced Energy Conservation and Regeneration

The forklifts AC system offers both vital energy conservation and regeneration by channelling power back into the battery when braking, plugging or decelerating.

Adjustable Power Settings

These 3-wheel electric forklifts offer superior performance and energy savings by allowing the operator to choose the power setting to best suit the lifting application. The eight driving modes include the energy saving “Economy” setting up to the high-performing “Power” setting. After 15 minutes in a standby mode the forklift will automatically shut down to conserve battery power and unnecessary drainage.

Lower Cost
Smart Pitching

The standard pitching control system protects delicate cargo by reducing vibration and swaying when the forklift travels over uneven surfaces or bumps.

Excellent Waterproofing

With an excellent IPX4 waterproofing rating the Cat 3-wheel electric forklifts can operate outside in the rain and can withstand splashing from any angle.

Presence Detection System (PDS)

This safety system ensures greater safety by disengaging the drive function and mast when an operator has left the forklift seat. The operator must then follow a series of sequential steps to commence operation. See Sequential Presence Detection System for full information on this forklift safety system. Download the Presence Detection System brochure.

Servicing & Maintenance
Intelligent Control System

The forklifts control system effectively manages the truck functions and provides self-diagnosis when the ignition is switched on. This allows easy troubleshooting and problem pin pointing of vital components such as the battery and motors, which can be easily access without specialty tools. This helps to effectively reduce servicing and maintenance time.

Easy Accessibility to Engine

The forklift rear hinged door allows easy access to the engine without the need of any specialty tools, allowing for easy maintenance and servicing.