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Compact Tracked Scissor Lifts

Athena Compact Tracked Scissor Lift 1470 HE EVO







  • Lift Capacity (kg): 300
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 14.00
  • Workplace: Both
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Power: Diesel

The Athena 1470 HE EVO scissor lift is the tallest model of the Athena range, operating at an incredible working height of 14 metres. The compact and narrow design provides greater versatility for difficult terrain and confined workspaces. Furthermore, the 1470 HE EVO scissor lift offers both a narrow and wider configuration of its outriggers for the best stabilisation on either flat or sloping terrain. The larger working basket offers a 300kg lift capacity with an extendable platform that provides more space for two people to work comfortably.

The Athena 1470 HE EVO includes a powerful and quieter Kubota Z602 diesel engine for optimal performance. An optional 220V-2.2Kw motor pump also makes it possible to use the machine indoors where engines cannot operate. Furthermore, an optional 220V generator also available enables the operator to use power tools within the basket without the needs of a power source or leads. The Athena 1470 HE EVO scissor lift is ideal for many high access applications including construction, facility maintenance and much more..

  • 14 metre working height
  • 300kg load capacity
  • Spacious 2-man work platform
  • Total weight of 3380kg
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Equipment Features

Technical Specifications
  • Basket capacity: 300 kg (2 operators)
  • Max working height: 14.2 m
  • Max height basket floor: 12.2 m
  • Moving height: 6.5 m
  • Working height with narrow stabilisation: 9.16m (OUT) 13.76m (IN)
  • Standard Engine: Diesel Kubota Z602 (12.5kW)
  • Accelerator: Automatic
  • Track width of the undercarriage: 1.15m
  • Basket levelling: Automatic
  • Longitudinal levelling: 11° ÷ 12°
  • Lateral levelling: +/- 15°
  • Power generator (option): 220V-1kW
  • Electric motor (option): 220V-2kW
  • Hydraulic commands: Proportional
  • Direction-control system: Yes
  • Maximum speed: 2.20 km/h
  • Ground emergency: Yes
  • Control of inclination: Automatic
  • Gradeability: 25°
  • Side slope: 20°
  • Length of basket extensions: 1.37m
  • Length: 3.18 m
  • Maximum width: 1.15 m
  • Minimum machine height with folded railings: 2.28 m
  • Minimum machine height without railings: 1.94 m
  • Total weight: 3480 kg
  • Compliance: EN 280, ANSI, CSA, ASNZS1418
Standard Features
  • 14.2 metres working height
  • 300kg basket capacity (2 operators)
  • More powerful and quieter Kubota engine
  • Increased maximum speed at 2.2 km/h
  • 14-metre working height directly on tracks
  • Extendable and collapsible basket
  • Compact and easily towable