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Customer Care

The United Customer Care program ensures an outstanding customer experience every time.

How We Can Help You

Now we have extended this commitment to you through our specialised Customer Care program. Whether you want to compliment one of our staff, suggest an improvement to the way we do things or seek help to resolve a complex issue, the customer care team offer a single point of contact so you can be sure of our full attention.

How It Works For You

Reporting directly to our Managing Director, our Customer Care department is a completely separate entity from our Sales, Service, Rental and Training facilities. This means that customer concerns will receive immediate attention in a friendly unbiased manner to achieve a satisfactory resolution. Our staff are committed to customer care alone and are not distracted by other responsibilities within the organisation.

To make sure we listen to every one of our customers, the team will also monitor feedback from all departments on your needs and expectations, as well as work with staff across the company to continually improve our systems and service quality.

Your Feedback is Invaluable

The United Customer Care program aims to ensure an outstanding customer experience every time. We value your feedback, so why not contact us to chat about how best we can work with you to grow your business.


To speak directly with our National Customer Relations Manager please send an online enquiry with the following form or phone on free call 1800 962 160.