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Spare Parts Manager in Welshpool

If you are looking for an opportunity with a privately own national company with a proven track record of providing long term employment with world class brands and facilities this could be your opportunity for a rewarding career change.

Job Summary

The Spare Parts Manager is responsible for the effective management and coordination of all spare parts, components and consumables ensuring timely provision for the service or repair of equipment.

The position ensures that the department responds to the changing needs of the business unit and assists the Branch Manager to satisfy customer needs and expectations.

The position demands a reliable, up-to-date infrastructure that can service the day-to-day operational needs of the company and provide spare parts and consumables in the most expedient manner.

 Key responsibilities of this role are to:

  • Responsibility of the overall operation of the stores and spare parts areas;
  • Enforcement of policies and procedures to ensure the company’s objectives and customer expectations in terms of equipment supply are met;
  • Ensure the company’s objectives and customer expectations (in terms of the supply of Spare Parts) are met for all departments of the business unit, through the effective management of the ordering, purchasing, stocking and disposal process;
  • Establish and maintain communication with other managers and suppliers to ensure timely supply of necessary parts etc;
  • Maintain appropriate stock levels based on usage information available and on the analysis of all available indicators of demands;
  • Ensure equipment, materials, goods or services are procured from suppliers who are able to or have demonstrated their ability to meet all of the company’s requirements;
  • Effectively manage and co-ordinate internal and external orders and related work flow for all departments;
  • Providing information on price and availability, and other matters that may impact on the recovery of charges to the customer;
  • Ensuring teamwork outcomes are achieved in accordance with United Equipment management practice, including financial, human resource delegations and relevant legislation on Occupational Safety and Health and Equal Opportunity etc.;
  • Liaising with all departments relating to requirements for the timely delivery of equipment;
  • Attending to enquiries relating to outstanding parts or components and ensuring prompt resolution of outstanding orders;
  • Providing excellent customer service to both internal and external customers in an efficient and appropriate manner;

Education, Experience & Qualifications

  • Leadership:  The ability to create a shared understanding of requirements in the work environment and through influence, enable team members to fully contribute to team and corporate goals;
  • Minimum 2 years in mobile/access equipment or equivalent with understanding of construction or mining background knowledge
  • Need to be familiar with the technical aspects of the goods or services they purchase;
  • Clerical and administrative accuracy and precision, and the ability to prioritise tasks to meet strict deadlines
  • Understanding of customer relations and customer business processes
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Effectively communicating with various departments will allow for competitive and concise purchasing. Strong experience with and understanding of specifications and standards for the materials handling industry.
  • Detail oriented and deadline-driven.
  • Ability to think creatively and solve problems.
  • Maintain a high energy level to handle a dynamic, fast-paced work load in a competitive industrial equipment market.
  • Requires general knowledge of the work area processes and an understanding of how they interact with other areas and processes;
  • Ability to use independent judgement when making purchasing decisions, especially for new items with no previous consumption history;
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