5000 Units and Growing Strong

27 March 2024

United are thrilled to announce a remarkable milestone reached this quarter – the delivery of the 5,000th access unit from our trusted supplier, Haulotte. This event signifies more than just a number; it represents the strength and success of our long-standing partnership.


In celebration, we received several tokens of appreciation by Haulotte’s Damien Gautier from France and Keith Clarke from Australia, including a certificate coupled with a tree-planting donation of 500 trees, the arrangement for a joint podcast, displayable light stands for our branches, and trophies for the management and sales teams.

The United team receiving awards from Haulotte to commemorate the 5000th Haulotte machine received.

L-R, Trent Osborne, David Maxwell, Keith Clarke (Haulotte), Damien Gautier (Haulotte) and Andrew Macdonald.


We’re immensely grateful for the support and recognition from the Haulotte team. As we approach the 15th anniversary of our partnership, we’re reminded of the very first Haulotte unit we welcomed in 2010, which paved the way to a National Reseller Agreement in 2012.


Today, with over 2,400 Haulotte units in our rental fleet and strong national sales to end-users, we’re proud of how our relationship has evolved. We value the innovative and proactive approach that Haulotte has demonstrated in their products and services and look forward to continuing our journey together.


United take pride in the relationships we have with our key suppliers offering Quality Product and Quality Service with Quality People!